Medical Groups Opposed to DPS

Medical Groups Opposed to DPS

Massachusetts Medical Society-This prominent association of Massachusetts Doctors has repeatedly and articulately opposed all forms of Doctor-Prescribed Suicide.

American Medical Association-The best known medical professional’s association in America has released statements indicating that Doctor-Prescribed Suicide is “fundamentally incompatible with physician’s role.”

American College of Medical Quality-Statements made in 2010 oppose DPS. The college also recommends that physicians in jurisdictions where DPS is legal not be forced to participate or be involved.

Hospice and Palliative  Nurses Association-This group is composed of medical professionals who provide the bulk of front line care for so-called terminal patients who have opted to be primarily made comfortable in their final days.  The Association strongly opposes Doctor-Prescribed Suicide.

American Nurses Association-The Association’s code of ethics strictly forbids participation in DPS.

American Medical Directors Association-Total opposition to Doctor-Prescribed Suicide.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization-per a 2005 communication, this group does not support the legalization of DPS.

American Academy of Medical Ethics-Strongly opposes DPS.  Has  released statements indicating that the group views DPS as a danger to patients and healthcare in our society.